They are pleasant, fast and know how to smell like cookies. In addition, it will allow you to enjoy twice – the first time when placing an order, and the second time when receiving it. Do you also like to shop online? We are not at all surprised. However, there are a few things that are better to choose for a stationary store. We explain why.

What is better not to buy over the Internet?

  • Linen

If you buy a set of classic panties, for example, on the website H&M, or sports tops for training, everything is OK. But if you have a gorgeous bra in your eye, it is better to go to the store for it. This is one of those things that should be perfect, and there are differences in size. Therefore, it is best to use the services of a professional Prefettura. And this can only be found in stationary shops. 5 THINGS NOT TO BUY ONLINE

  • Boots

This is another one of those things that https://blog.giallozafferano.it/erboristeriarugiada/acrilammide-come-ridurre-la-sostanza-cancerogena-che-si-forma-in-pane-patate-fritte-e-caffe/ is better to try. The same size can vary greatly in width that you will not see over the Internet.

Different fold and classic boats on the leg, different boots or sneakers (I, for example, depending on the style of shoes, choose the size 37 or 38). Like a narrow nose, like a foot in a Shoe, and if nothing cuts us when walking, the easiest way to check is by shopping in the traditional form.

The exception? If you have your favorite business and you always choose shoes of the same size, the risk of error when shopping online is minimal.

  • White shirt

Theoretically, there can be no question of failure. However, it turns out that the t-shirt is uneven. T-shirts, even if they are held in one size, may differ in cotton density and therefore elasticity, they may be more or less melted, and have sleeves of different widths. So it is better to buy them in the store.

  • Hits of the season

Victorian dresses, ugly sneakers, eccentric accessories or clothes with a characteristic cut-look great in the photos, but until they are tried on, it is better not to buy them. First, you should make sure that you are suitable and whether you feel good in what. Avoid problems with possible returns.

  • Jeans

You are also excited with the purchase of jeans? Especially don’t do it online. Moreover, this time the size does not guarantee that everything will be fine. As in the case of t-shirts, the final result determines the level of elasticity of denim, the shape of the leg and even shade. And you need to feel it on your own skin.


  1. Even after a few glasses of Prosecco, you can give me your credit card number. And pessel for the treasures of the world you can’t remember.

    There are so many receipts in the back pocket of your wallet that you could paste them over. From boutiques to a Nightclub, various networking outlets and stalls with Souvenirs kitchevye. Because wherever you are, whatever you do, you need to buy something.


    Browsing the Internet, always, even in the subway, ends with shopping online. The ads you show seduce megacases and you can’t resist – and you buy the tenth pair of ballerinas in the spring.



    What’s your favorite way to spend a Friday night? Sit at home and watch the parcel with the bag that you recently fished out of the ocean.


    Dinner with friends takes a back seat if you expect a Net-a-Porter parcel to arrive. How about dinner? Rift. You will spend the evening in the company of new shoes and an empty bill.


    You have a separate email address that receives notifications from your favorite brands and online stores.


    You can spend money anywhere. Even a weekend in the village becomes an opportunity to shop in roadside shopping malls.


    Your mind goes into high gear as soon as you hear the word „sample sale.””


    As soon as someone remembers about some kind of check-out, immediately began to wonder what he could’ve to bring. „Will you be in Paris? Ooh! Could you go to Roger Vivier’s and buy me a ballerina with a buckle?”.


    Your credit card has more traffic than You.


    Made myself two separate Cabinet – daily special and cool. Snowfall from Chanel for $ 2,000 there is quite the same.


    Who do you most want to be friends with? You answer this question honestly: with someone who works at Bergdorf Goodman.


This Gwilia.com movement activates an artificial intelligence system

The best PC games on the environment and ecology. Often, video games are seen as a simple pastime, and for some, even silly: clearly, this is only the top of an iceberg, which, however, hides many aspects hidden under the blanket of the water.

Among the most important, the economic impact generated by this industry and also the presence of games which help in ecological education: in this case, more than a pastime, a real lesson of life (fun) for the children, to the benefit of the protection of the environment.

With forecasts that Gwilia.com speak of more than 1 billion euros

With forecasts that speak of more than 1 billion euros of revenues in Italy in 2020, the internet now also assumes an important role for video games allowing everyone to play online without too much cost.

For example, the provider Linkem allows you to have an ADSL Gwilia.com connection at home without phone and without installing a fixed line: of course this solution is much more economic compared to other packages that offer both voice services and data. It is therefore possible with a couple of tens of euros every month to have a stable and fast connection, without long procedures, to immerse yourself in the world of video games.

What are the best PC games about environment and ecology?

1. Web Earth Online

What would it be like to live as a bird or another animal? All of this you can find out by playing Web Earth Online: a game multiplayer that allows anyone to sign up, choose your favorite animal, and to face the world, together with the other players. The objective of the game is quite simple to understand: you must survive in an environment not always friendly, and, of course, try to make it in harmony with nature and with the rest of the fauna. It is a game that can give a very important lesson to young people and young people.

  1. Recycle City

Recycling is a aspect today is very important, for the environment that hosts us, and consequently for our survival: that’s why Recycle City becomes a game that is very valuable to learn all the rules of this necessary habit. Although it is possible to study this information by reading one of the many online guides, learning through a game makes it fun and identification: it is much easier to learn the importance of recycling, throwing himself in the role of the virtual of this game.

What are Gwilia.com the best PC games about environment and ecology?

  1. ZWX

We all love games because, often, they allow us to actually lower superheroes lined up against evil. ZWX is a game very similar to this logic, only it will put you in front of some real and very dangerous enemies: smog and pollution, logging of forests and other dangers such as melting glaciers.

Your humanitarian mission? To prevent all this from happening, affecting the health of the planet at heart. In addition, the cartoon graphics of the game make it ideal to entertain children, as well as to educate them.

  1. ElectroCity

The last of the PC games on the environment that we want to show you, is ElectroCity: here the child may assume the role of a mayor in a city devoted to the exploitation of renewable and eco-sustainable. The aim will be to make the town prosper, but without harming the needs of the environment: thus making progress with the technologies but respecting an environmental impact that must be limited to the minimum terms. The game is very instructive, because it has several key objectives: among them, we find also the demographic development without impacting on the environment and the creation of a town able to satisfy all the citizens.

It can also be perceived that the game system is extraordinarily attentive to our performance

Because games make us better and Gwilia.com how they can change the world. This variety and intensity of feedback is the most important difference between digital and non-digital games. In computer games and video games, the interaction circuit is narrow and rewarding.

There seems to be no delay between our actions and the answers of the game. You can see literally in animations and you can calculate on the score indicator the impact you have on the game world. It can also be perceived that the game system is extraordinarily attentive to our performance: it only becomes more difficult when you play well, creating a perfect balance between challenge difficulties and chances of success.

It can also be perceived that the game system is extraordinarily attentive to our performance

In other words, in a good digital game you always play at the edge of your skill level, always on the verge of failure. When you fall, you feel the need to immediately start climbing again.

This is because virtually there is nothing as engaging as this state of working to the extreme limits of its abilities – what the designers of the games and psychologists call flow, the “flow”4. When you are in a state of flux, you want to stay there: both quitting and winning are equally unsatisfactory outcomes.

The philosopher James P. Carse wrote that there are two types of games

The popularity of a game in which you cannot win, as it is Tetris, completely reverses the stereotype of the player as a highly competitive person who cares more about winning than anything else. Competition and the chance to win are not game defining features – nor do they define the interests of people who like to play.

Many players would rather keep playing than win-because that way the game ends.

In games with high feedback, the state of intense involvement can, at the end of the day, be more pleasant than the satisfaction of winning. The philosopher James P. Carse wrote that there are two types of games: the finished games, where you play to win, and the Infinite Games, where you play to continue playing as long as possible. In the world of digital games, Tetris is an excellent example of infinite game.

We play Tetris simply to continue playing a good game.

Let’s test the definition of the game that we proposed with the last example, a video game is significantly more complex: in Portal, a video game, single-player, which is part action game and part puzzle game. When Portal starts, you’re in a small room that looks a bit like a hospital room, with no obvious way out.

There’s not much to interact with in this 3D environment: a radio, a desk and what looks like a sleeping pod. You can turn around the small room and just look out the windows. There is nothing obvious to do: there are no enemies to fight, treasures to collect, or falling objects to avoid.

If you search around the room a little

With so few clues on how to proceed, at the beginning of the game the goal is simply to understand what are the objectives. One can reasonably assume that the first is to exit the sealed chamber, but it is not necessarily so. It would seem that the main obstacle facing you is not having any idea what you should do.

  • You only have to learn by your own means how to move forward in this world. Well, not just by their own means. If you search around the room a little, you can collect a folder that lies on your desk.
  • This movement activates an artificial intelligence system, which wakes up and starts talking to us.
  • AI reports we’re about to undergo a series of laboratory tests. It doesn’t tell us what tests it is: once again it’s up to us, the player, to understand it.

If you search around the room a littleWhat eventually turns out, by continuing to play, is that Portal is a game in which you have to exit from rooms that act according to rules of which we have no awareness.

You learn that each room is a puzzle, with more and more complicated traps, and that the game requires the understanding of an increasingly complex physics in order to get out.

4x android games

4x android games

Strategy games for your smartphone? A large screen of a modern mobile phone allows you to transfer this genre of games to mobile devices. Check the names that are most popular.

10 best strategies for Android. Strategy – one of the most absorbing genres of computer games. Managing your own Kingdom, collecting gold, building buildings, waging wars – all these actions take time. Will it be possible to reconcile the duration of the strategy with the mobile game? It turns out! We decided to make a subjective rating of the top 10 strategy 4x android games available on Android.

Offline strategy games free

Offline strategy games freeReactor — Energy Sector Tycoon – our review we start with a mobile offline strategy games free alternative for last year’s web hit: Reactor Idle. Production Robert Fungus RSG allows you to translate into a tycoon energy company. Our goal is to build advanced power structures, from windmills to coal-fired power plants to huge thermonuclear reactors. The game makes us sometimes break our heads a little, because every source of energy needs to be properly designed.

Towering skyscrapers – the production of ALLMobile puts us in the role of a developer whose goal is to create a thriving skyscraper. The number of floors is not limited. Each floor can be equipped in different ways, creating apartments, businesses or other businesses that bring a stable income. The economic aspect has been enriched by social elements: hiring and firing employees, renting apartments, etc.

1941 Frozen Front – eighth place went to 1941 Frozen Front, that is, the classic real-time strategy produced by HandyGames. According to the name, the game takes us during the Second world war, in particular, the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union. We take control of the axis army or the red Army. The gameplay is focused on tank battles. One of the best 4x android games to talk about world war II.

Offline rts games

Vlogger Go Viral – Clicker – have you ever dreamed of becoming an influential vlogger? Production Studio Taps allows you to get used to the role of the hero of online video. Vlogger Go Viral-Clicker offers a number of options for managing our offline rts games virtual alter ego: creating unique clips (that will win the hearts of Internet users), full customization of the recording room, or control of funds… deletion of unflattering comments under https://www.techjunkie.com/best-offline-strategy-games-android/ shared materials. Recommended!

Offline rts games

Toy Defense 2: TD Battles – offline strategy games free such as tower defense are very popular among the strategic release on Android. One of the best offline rts games remains Toy Defense 2: TD Battles. Plastic soldiers bring the whole deck of playability.Our goal is to effectively break into a pre-prepared enemy defense. Melsoft Games offers 250 missions based on real-life historical events, such as the battle of Iwo Jima or operation overlord.

Last Empire – War Z – offer im30.net it focuses on zombies. True, the motives of the dead, we will find in many games present on the market, but it is Last Empire – War Z allows us to create our own army, consisting of green, smelly soldiers. The aim of the game is to develop a controlled city, fight with offline strategy games people, as well as cooperation on a huge map online. Interesting story mode allows for long hours of gameplay.

RTS offline

Lords Mobile – RPG elements in the game, in addition, how mobile offline strategy games production? We are. Lords Mobile with IGG is an interesting offer for all fans of fantasy quiz. For economic elements (in the form of control of its own island of the world), the game offers, in particular, the possibility of training troops, equipping heroes, as well as large, epic battles. The developers even allowed to track their potential enemies and prepared an exciting multiplayer mode.

RTS offlineMobile Strike – production, from the Arnold Schwarzenegger allows participation in modern armed conflicts. We develop barracks, train units and send them into battle, both on enemy territory and to protect our base. It is an amazing new rts offline action game that allows you to participate in modern conflicts – you build a base, control the course of action and test the power of elite units, sending them to battle with the enemy on the battlefield! Providing you with an impressive Arsenal and high-tech assault vehicles at your disposal, this international MMO game tests your tactical and intellectual warfare skills. It’s not about who has more guns – it’s about who has the best guns! Create your own database showing what kind of hero you want to be. Build the capacity to defend your base or build an Arsenal that will crush any enemy on the battlefield! Follow the iron rules of the MMO genre: join an Alliance and start benefiting from cooperation to take control and take the title of head of state in this new and totally unique action rts offline game!

Offline strategy games for android

Offline strategy games for androidEmpire: Four Kingdoms – this is another part of the famous series of offline strategy games for android created with think about smartphone users. The title has already been installed on more than 15 million devices. GoodGame Studios did a great job. The player includes a control chip of a medieval Kingdom. An important aspect of the gameplay is the conclusion of alliances, rivalry with other players and economic management.

Clash of clans – running a kingdom full of testosterone-filled barbarians is not very attractive. Prove it millions of people playing Clash of Clans – the most popular offline strategy games for android available in the Google Play Store, produced by the Finnish Studio SuperCell. The main objective of the game is to conquer and plunder neighboring villages controlled by other players. Of course, it also works the other way – our Kingdom will not stand if you do not think about effective protection.

American scientists have published research on the positive effects of toys

Positive effects of games We rarely need to worry about logic games and funny stories. Truth be told, we have a negative story (if you are in the world); but we thought, let’s have positive things, I can not help you. The impact of video games on prosocial pro-social behavior: International evidence of Correlational oblong, and experimental study of the beginning of the fifth grade, several demographic groups under study.

This debate is completely useless to parents

This debate is completely useless to parents
How does the computer affect children? – The magic of the virtual world
In the thirteenth issue of Life and Science in 2009, an unusual and catchy article with Professor Gerald Hüther, one of the best-known German scientists dealing with the brain and neuropsychologists, appeared.

He clearly explains what happens in the minds of children when they are on TV or on the computer. Professor, you as a neurobiologist are researching how the media affect the development of the human brain. Can you recommend a good TV program for children or computer games?

No, and such recommendations will not lead us further. Because we would only have a superficial discussion about the quality of the content of the offers – but it is better to avoid it. The second is that you do not have to look for it for a long time: you’ll find very quick five studies that show how good children are to watch TV.

Five more studies will prove that television is bad. This debate is completely useless to parents. I am not talking about content, I approach this question much further. A few years ago, we neuroscientists even thought that genetic programs automatically generate all cells in the brain.

Five more studies will prove that television is bad

Five more studies will prove that television is bad

Thus, complex neural networks that control our thinking, emotions and actions are considered genetically programmed. However, we know that in the long run, only the relationships that actively activate in a particular life are created in the child’s mind.

What we do not use, it gets dirty. Genetic programs ensure that the number of neuronal connections increases significantly first. To create the most important neuronal circuits in our brain, we first need children to experience their own body.

And they do not get it in front of the screen, no matter what happens on TV. Why is bodily experience so crucial? They develop only the cognitive abilities of a person who develops a sense of their own body.

When the child sits in front of the TV, he does not feel his body anymore

When the child sits in front of the TV, he does not feel his body anymore

There are already studies that prove that children with lower grades who are good at mathematics and are particularly well-balanced. It is obtained for three-dimensional and abstract thinking, a mathematics necessary to learn how to balance your body.

When the child sits in front of the TV, he does not feel his body anymore. He does not climb, does not bounce, does not balance, and even climbs a tree – that is, he does not spend time learning about his body. So children should move as much as possible?

Yes, but you do not have to climb to the top. One of the most amazing exercises of the body is singing. Meanwhile, the child’s brain must modulate the audio tapes in a virtuous manner so that the right tone is exactly the same. This is the best motor exercise, and at the same time it is a necessary condition for a later, very diverse way of thinking.

Different groups have spent their free time „social” games for about four months, the certificate is not a surprise, opposing behavior exhausted provides a wide range of social memory

According to researchers, research publishes games are considered an excellent teaching tool, but more important than anything material structure: violent games trigger aggressive behavior, while social games contribute to helpfulness, development of cooperation. It is worth mentioning that the same group of researchers has already researched violent games, and their experimental rabbits have become aggressive.

In the old days, we did not even have a telephone, but we exchanged information

In the old days, we did not even have a telephone, but we exchanged information

Help to compensate for their statements and we examined, on the other hand, they claim the results of their research: a fundamentally different personality and therefore react differently to social or brutal content. For me, city management games are considered more dangerous areas in the long run than any other bloodthirsty slaughterhouse. But this is a different approach.


In the old days, we did not even have a telephone, but we exchanged information. Later landline telephones come, they know, even the old reels. Life has become simpler, communication is simplified; even between continents it was easier to stay in touch.

At the same time as the development of telephony, computer technology developed much better. While they previously occupied the entire room with a computer, in the late nineties and early millennia shrunk to a normal size, and they can be found in many households, in fact, the first laptops appeared on the market.

Although older people have facilitated (or even made it harder) the lives of these machines, while people born after 2000 are virtually necessary and an almost necessary thing for a computer or mobile phone. But in fact, the impact on society, especially children many other electronic gadgets, virtual reality?

They learned to communicate in writing

They learned to communicate in writing

How many times do we hear that someone is so „absorbed into the phone” that you will not even notice someone or something. The fact that you press the phone or play on a computer with a computer is only partially wrong. These tools are undeniably useful today. We can use almost everything for communication, work, study, our possibilities are limitless.

According to my observations, more trouble with using too many of them and feel more and more digital / virtual world as a real, you can sometimes notice the strange behavior of „today’s youth” when they are in different situations, amikkel suddenly can not do anything. It simply is not real to them, what is happening in real life. They learned to communicate in writing.

They can respond to the sentence much later or not at all. They do not have to express their thoughts in sentences when they talk about them instead. Entry can be fantastic games by date, can not travel to existing galaxies can become autóversenyzővé or ostromolhatnak castle or maybe old times.

I do not care about technology, I think that smartphones and computers must be smart. In my opinion, children need calling for real, existing instead of things, because smart phone, computer and video game szippanthatják them non-existent alternative reality, which has its advantages described above, but in extreme cases can be dangerous for them.

I do not care about technology, I think that smartphones and computers must be smart

I do not care about technology, I think that smartphones and computers must be smart

But in any case, you can say that too many computers will be less likely to be real to them, which is in no way beneficial. It is very good and pleasant for a family walk, a journey that brings the family closer to each other, not to mention the normal movement, and not just fatigue of the fingertips.

During the day or for a snack, it is better to go outside or at least bring children / children together. You will be surprised to be able to feel it ugrálóvárban to create such a program as well, but if it is „infected” the digital world, then Segway can also try, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

If you have been regularly placing your child at a young age outside and have been adapted to live communication with people and relationships, we will have a much more social, more relevant real world teenagers, putting themselves and society both doing good.

National card identification replica

In case of loss of National ID card, the new card is issued with the following documents:

required documents:

1- The completed application number [270] for the issuance of the first national identification card

2 – A completed report of missing national identification card [270a]

3. Original identity card and image of the first page of the birth certificate and its written pages

4. Two new 4 × 3 pieces of photo (full face), non-textured, non-transparent, without hat and glasses, with a white background, the characteristics of its owner behind it, and photos of women over 9 years old with Islamic hijab

5- Principle Receipt of Consular Issue to Bank Account Number

 RO91 RNCB 0072 0496 7837 0009 at BCR Bank

National card identification replica

At the time of payment, the applicant and the phrase „issuing a national identification card” must be written.

(In the consular section, charges are received by credit card only and through the machine)

Attention! – In the event of loss of national identity card and card, the requestor must first initiate an issuance of an identity card. After receiving a birth certificate for issuing a national replica card.

– If, at each stage, the issuance of a copy of the national card, the lost card is found, the requestor must immediately return the card to the consular department of the embassy.

Issue of the first passport

Requirements; The passport will be issued for the first time in accordance with the law

1- People born in Romania and recently received a certificate from the consular department of the embassy.

2- Ladies of foreign states who have married an Iranian man and received Iranian birth certificates.


– The English passport information will be inserted only on the basis of the forms set by you and in accordance with the correct name of your compatriot, is unchangeable and will not be held liable in case of conflict with the consular section.

necessary documents

1- A letter of the completed application number [101] for the issuance of the passport.

(For children under the age of 18, this application must be completed and signed by the father or the legal guardian.)

* – If the applicant has an Iranian female wife, one of the two documents below is „A” or „B”: Requirements
A. If the husband’s country of residence is in the Romanian Romanian passport, a photograph of the husband’s husband’s passport image
B- If the husband’s country of residence is in Iran’s „Iran” passport, the completed consent number [107] for the departure of a woman or children under the age of 18 from Iran has been received. A consular fee payment confirming the signing of the various persons to the bank account of the Embassy

2. A letter of completion letter No. 114 for issuing a child’s passport

3. The original and the image of the father’s birth certificate or passport, but the legal guardian with the letter of credit

4. A letter of the completed application number [103] to change the place of residence and frequent departure from Iran

(For children under the age of 18, this application must be completed and signed by the father or the legal guardian.)

6- The original application form for the applicant’s birth certificate and photo leaflet (copy A4) from all pages of the birth certificate

7. Principle and birth certificate [sample] or residence permit card in Romania

8. Two new 4 × 3 pieces of photo (full face), non-textured, non-transparent, without hat and glasses, with white background, with the characteristics of its owner behind it (photos of women over 9 years of age with Islamic hijab)

9. Principal Receipt of Consolidation Expense Consular Issue of a Passport to Bank Account Number RO91 RNCB 0072 0496 7837 0009 BCR Bank (In Consular Section, fees are only received by credit card and through the machine)

Issue or renewal of national identification card

Iranian citizens aged 15 must apply for a national ID card. If the applicant’s birth certificate is not photographed, you must initially apply for [15-year-old birth certificate] or [photo identification card] to apply for a national card upon receipt of a new birth certificate.

The validity period of this card is 7 years and the first card or new card is issued in the following conditions and at the request of the applicant:

A. Requesting the issuance of the first card

B- Change the profile in the card holder’s ID

C- Hurt or corrupted the card

Description: National cards that have expired are valid until the end of 2013, and there is no need to renew them.
How and when to change the national cards that have expired, they will be notified to your compatriots when necessary.

Issue or renewal of national identification cardrequired documents:

1- The completed application number [270] for the issuance of the first national identification card

2- Image of the first page of the birth certificate and the pages with the description in it

3. Two pieces of a new 4 × 3 color photograph of the whole face (from the front), non-textured, non-transparent, without hat and glasses, with a white background, the characteristics of its owner behind it and the photographs of women over 9 years old with Islamic hijab

4. Principal Receipt of Consular Issue to Bank Account Number

RO91 RNCB 0072 0496 7837 0009 at BCR Bank

(In the consular section, charges are received by credit card only and through the machine)

At the time of payment, the applicant and the phrase „issuing a national identification card” must be written.

Description: The receipt of a national card from a family member who simultaneously requested the issuance of a national identification card is not due to the non-issuance of the card to other members of the family. Documents are sent to the center for issuing a national card. As a result, family member cards may be filed at the interval and then delivered to the requested person.

Press release

As is known, on Friday, February 22 a.c. Mister. Mohamed ElBaradei, the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, presented the report on Iran’s nuclear nuclear activities. Given the importance of this subject and its reflection at the international level, I have decided to inform you of the above-mentioned report, IAEA cooperation and Iran’s position.

Mr ElBaradei’s report states that there is no evidence of a possible breach of the stated purposes of nuclear activities, which confirms the legitimacy of the actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran and presents the world after four years of scandal; and media intoxication, the real image of this subject. At the same time, this has led to the demolition of numerous accusations made against Iran. Mr ElBarade’s latest report, as well as the resolution of the massive problems, indicate a normalization of the Iranian nuclear program.

Solving the remaining problems and confirming Iran’s statements about its nuclear activities in the past is truly a victory for the Iranian nation. The confirmation by the Agency of the legitimacy of the nuclear program, without the slightest compromise in the exercise of its rights, is also an achievement of the Iranian nation. Resistance in the euphoria of the Iranian people, who did not make the slightest step back, was the key to this victory. This report demonstrates the nature of Iran’s nuclear activities and indicates that the Iranian nuclear program is a legal, transparent, accountable and predictable country, and attests to the fact that Iran has shown transparency regarding concerning the application of international regulations and commitments. Given this, the Iranian nuclear issue is considered to be concluded.

The use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, the Non-Proliferation Treaty and the IAEA

Press release

In order for the peaceful use of atomic energy to become a basis for international cooperation, it is of utmost importance to promote and strengthen the role played by the NPT and the IAEA.
The re-consolidation of the Agency’s position and the NPT, as in any treaty or organization, is only achievable to the extent that a balance is created between the obligations they impose and the rights they confer . The Non-Proliferation Treaty is the cornerstone of the policy on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. This treaty addresses three main issues: nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear disarmament, and cooperation on the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Unfortunately, some countries that did not comply with their commitments in nuclear weapons, in none of the three aspects:

1. These States themselves contribute to the proliferation of nuclear weapons
2. With regard to disarmament, there has been no significant progress
3. With regard to cooperation in the field of civil nuclear energy, not only did they reinstate their commitments under the non-proliferation treaty, but also deal with these issues in an unlawful, threatening, create many obstacles to scientific, scientific and scientific efforts in other countries.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a member of the NPT and of the Agency, we have fulfilled our obligations under the Safeguards Agreement and, to the same extent as we have complied with these obligations, insist that we be granted the rights we are told, it is a reasonable and reasonable wish of our people.