They are pleasant, fast and know how to smell like cookies. In addition, it will allow you to enjoy twice – the first time when placing an order, and the second time when receiving it. Do you also like to shop online? We are not at all surprised. However, there are a few things that are better to choose for a stationary store. We explain why.

What is better not to buy over the Internet?

  • Linen

If you buy a set of classic panties, for example, on the website H&M, or sports tops for training, everything is OK. But if you have a gorgeous bra in your eye, it is better to go to the store for it. This is one of those things that should be perfect, and there are differences in size. Therefore, it is best to use the services of a professional Prefettura. And this can only be found in stationary shops. 5 THINGS NOT TO BUY ONLINE

  • Boots

This is another one of those things that https://blog.giallozafferano.it/erboristeriarugiada/acrilammide-come-ridurre-la-sostanza-cancerogena-che-si-forma-in-pane-patate-fritte-e-caffe/ is better to try. The same size can vary greatly in width that you will not see over the Internet.

Different fold and classic boats on the leg, different boots or sneakers (I, for example, depending on the style of shoes, choose the size 37 or 38). Like a narrow nose, like a foot in a Shoe, and if nothing cuts us when walking, the easiest way to check is by shopping in the traditional form.

The exception? If you have your favorite business and you always choose shoes of the same size, the risk of error when shopping online is minimal.

  • White shirt

Theoretically, there can be no question of failure. However, it turns out that the t-shirt is uneven. T-shirts, even if they are held in one size, may differ in cotton density and therefore elasticity, they may be more or less melted, and have sleeves of different widths. So it is better to buy them in the store.

  • Hits of the season

Victorian dresses, ugly sneakers, eccentric accessories or clothes with a characteristic cut-look great in the photos, but until they are tried on, it is better not to buy them. First, you should make sure that you are suitable and whether you feel good in what. Avoid problems with possible returns.

  • Jeans

You are also excited with the purchase of jeans? Especially don’t do it online. Moreover, this time the size does not guarantee that everything will be fine. As in the case of t-shirts, the final result determines the level of elasticity of denim, the shape of the leg and even shade. And you need to feel it on your own skin.


  1. Even after a few glasses of Prosecco, you can give me your credit card number. And pessel for the treasures of the world you can’t remember.

    There are so many receipts in the back pocket of your wallet that you could paste them over. From boutiques to a Nightclub, various networking outlets and stalls with Souvenirs kitchevye. Because wherever you are, whatever you do, you need to buy something.


    Browsing the Internet, always, even in the subway, ends with shopping online. The ads you show seduce megacases and you can’t resist – and you buy the tenth pair of ballerinas in the spring.



    What’s your favorite way to spend a Friday night? Sit at home and watch the parcel with the bag that you recently fished out of the ocean.


    Dinner with friends takes a back seat if you expect a Net-a-Porter parcel to arrive. How about dinner? Rift. You will spend the evening in the company of new shoes and an empty bill.


    You have a separate email address that receives notifications from your favorite brands and online stores.


    You can spend money anywhere. Even a weekend in the village becomes an opportunity to shop in roadside shopping malls.


    Your mind goes into high gear as soon as you hear the word „sample sale.””


    As soon as someone remembers about some kind of check-out, immediately began to wonder what he could’ve to bring. „Will you be in Paris? Ooh! Could you go to Roger Vivier’s and buy me a ballerina with a buckle?”.


    Your credit card has more traffic than You.


    Made myself two separate Cabinet – daily special and cool. Snowfall from Chanel for $ 2,000 there is quite the same.


    Who do you most want to be friends with? You answer this question honestly: with someone who works at Bergdorf Goodman.


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