American scientists have published research on the positive effects of toys

Positive effects of games We rarely need to worry about logic games and funny stories. Truth be told, we have a negative story (if you are in the world); but we thought, let’s have positive things, I can not help you. The impact of video games on prosocial pro-social behavior: International evidence of Correlational oblong, and experimental study of the beginning of the fifth grade, several demographic groups under study.

This debate is completely useless to parents

This debate is completely useless to parents
How does the computer affect children? – The magic of the virtual world
In the thirteenth issue of Life and Science in 2009, an unusual and catchy article with Professor Gerald Hüther, one of the best-known German scientists dealing with the brain and neuropsychologists, appeared.

He clearly explains what happens in the minds of children when they are on TV or on the computer. Professor, you as a neurobiologist are researching how the media affect the development of the human brain. Can you recommend a good TV program for children or computer games?

No, and such recommendations will not lead us further. Because we would only have a superficial discussion about the quality of the content of the offers – but it is better to avoid it. The second is that you do not have to look for it for a long time: you’ll find very quick five studies that show how good children are to watch TV.

Five more studies will prove that television is bad. This debate is completely useless to parents. I am not talking about content, I approach this question much further. A few years ago, we neuroscientists even thought that genetic programs automatically generate all cells in the brain.

Five more studies will prove that television is bad

Five more studies will prove that television is bad

Thus, complex neural networks that control our thinking, emotions and actions are considered genetically programmed. However, we know that in the long run, only the relationships that actively activate in a particular life are created in the child’s mind.

What we do not use, it gets dirty. Genetic programs ensure that the number of neuronal connections increases significantly first. To create the most important neuronal circuits in our brain, we first need children to experience their own body.

And they do not get it in front of the screen, no matter what happens on TV. Why is bodily experience so crucial? They develop only the cognitive abilities of a person who develops a sense of their own body.

When the child sits in front of the TV, he does not feel his body anymore

When the child sits in front of the TV, he does not feel his body anymore

There are already studies that prove that children with lower grades who are good at mathematics and are particularly well-balanced. It is obtained for three-dimensional and abstract thinking, a mathematics necessary to learn how to balance your body.

When the child sits in front of the TV, he does not feel his body anymore. He does not climb, does not bounce, does not balance, and even climbs a tree – that is, he does not spend time learning about his body. So children should move as much as possible?

Yes, but you do not have to climb to the top. One of the most amazing exercises of the body is singing. Meanwhile, the child’s brain must modulate the audio tapes in a virtuous manner so that the right tone is exactly the same. This is the best motor exercise, and at the same time it is a necessary condition for a later, very diverse way of thinking.

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