Issue or renewal of national identification card

Iranian citizens aged 15 must apply for a national ID card. If the applicant’s birth certificate is not photographed, you must initially apply for [15-year-old birth certificate] or [photo identification card] to apply for a national card upon receipt of a new birth certificate.

The validity period of this card is 7 years and the first card or new card is issued in the following conditions and at the request of the applicant:

A. Requesting the issuance of the first card

B- Change the profile in the card holder’s ID

C- Hurt or corrupted the card

Description: National cards that have expired are valid until the end of 2013, and there is no need to renew them.
How and when to change the national cards that have expired, they will be notified to your compatriots when necessary.

Issue or renewal of national identification cardrequired documents:

1- The completed application number [270] for the issuance of the first national identification card

2- Image of the first page of the birth certificate and the pages with the description in it

3. Two pieces of a new 4 × 3 color photograph of the whole face (from the front), non-textured, non-transparent, without hat and glasses, with a white background, the characteristics of its owner behind it and the photographs of women over 9 years old with Islamic hijab

4. Principal Receipt of Consular Issue to Bank Account Number

RO91 RNCB 0072 0496 7837 0009 at BCR Bank

(In the consular section, charges are received by credit card only and through the machine)

At the time of payment, the applicant and the phrase „issuing a national identification card” must be written.

Description: The receipt of a national card from a family member who simultaneously requested the issuance of a national identification card is not due to the non-issuance of the card to other members of the family. Documents are sent to the center for issuing a national card. As a result, family member cards may be filed at the interval and then delivered to the requested person.

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